The Cart Full of Holly

Welcome to the quaint village of Castleduff nestled between the mountains and the sea on the east coast of Ireland. A place where great poverty and impressive wealth exist side by side, separated only by the main road and society’s prejudice. A touching tale ­full to the brim of endearing Irish characters that will delight and charm the reader with universal themes of love and pain, struggle and joy.

Lavender Fields

“At the top of the hill there was a small incline down to the house which was particularly tricky to manage. Many times her mother fell over on her side into the ditch, and it was very difficult to get her back up on her feet again. Nora had discovered that if she used a piece of old carpet that was out in the front garden, she could roll her mother onto it and drag her down the incline to the front door. She laughingly called this piece of red carpet her dragging mat. Once she got her close to the door, she opened it and then stood behind her mother and rolled her up over the wooden door sill, like a big pile of tumbleweed, and then on into the living room. She would leave her there for the night, unconscious and asleep on the floor, with a pillow under her head and a couple of blankets to keep her warm. Then she went back outside and pulled the dragging mat back up to the top of the driveway to be ready for the next time…”
I invite you to the little town of Glendora, Co Wicklow, Ireland. Make yourself a cup of steaming hot tea, find a cozy reading spot and enjoy the journey!

Evening Rose

Rose was a barmaid in a village pub who often gave advice and support to those around her. No one guessed that behind the pretty smile was so much sadness. But one day the kindness she gave out to the world started to come her way...
Set in an Irish village where the pub is the meeting place for all walks of life in rural Ireland.

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